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A Welcome from the Headteacher

It is a privilege to work at Shaftesbury for as long as I have. As a teacher, the school allowed me to collaborate with local and global schools and it was when in Uganda that I saw a school who used a sewing machine enterprise model for learning. Students who attended and progressed left the school not just with an education, but a tool and skillset that that meant they had a role in society.

However, our students live in a different culture, country and now, in the 21st Century, we need the 6C’s of collaboration, citizenship, creativity, character, communication and critical thinking to find the similar roles and happiness beyond our school. Since coming back to the school as a head, the privilege has been working with incredible staff and incredible students in making this vision come true. We run meaningful, student led, mastery projects at Shaftesbury. They revolve around reflection, that uses self-compassion to find meaning in all that we do. The mastery comes from 400 hours focusing on one of the six projects you choose in year 10 and 11 and the approach allows our students to progress in the subject they want to progress in in further education or career.

These projects identify social issues either of their own, local and global communities around them and allow our school to give back and shift expectations of what our students can achieve.

The learning is wrapped in a positive environment that puts wellbeing first and empowers its learners through autonomy, competence and relatedness. Through self determination theory, the same approach for overall leadership. We seek to empower our staff and key stakeholders so that Shaftesbury and its broad network grows for the benefit of all within it, with students always at the heart of each choice we make.  

In time we will make our sewing machine into digital technology and begin ‘Carving pathways’, growing social and employment roles that provide fulfilment.

Whichever way you look to be part of our community, welcome!

Matt Silver - Headteacher