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Transition For Families - Year 7


Transition to Shaftesbury High School

To ensure effective transition and induction both in and out of school, Shaftesbury High School has an extensive transition programme. Transition programmes are in place for every tutor group, not just for end of key stage, and take place throughout the year. We want every student to have a successful journey through school, from their first visit to their final day and far beyond. We plan and collaborate with all our feeder schools and 16-25 partners, including work providers. Information, advice and guidance are shared through reviews, parent-carer evenings, family forums and online. Destinations are fully monitored.

A member of the management team is responsible for arranging transition. A well-established transition programme is in place at Shaftesbury and supports students transferring into Year 7 and also from Shaftesbury onto college.

As part of the Transition process for students coming to us from other schools we produce a Transition booklet that aims to explain to our new students, their parents and teachers all about Shaftesbury and what life is like here and our expectations of students in terms of behaviour, equipment and uniform. 

Please visit our transition website link below for more information, classes, curriculum and a video tour of Shaftesbury High School.

Key elements of the transition process:

  • Where appropriate, Shaftesbury staff attend Year 6 annual reviews.

  • Transition meetings are held with other teachers from primary schools; both special and mainstream schools.

  • Visits to all students in primary setting, talking to students and teachers.

  • Opportunities for students to visit school with parents & carers individually to be shown around the school.

  • Information of transition timescales sent to primary schools.

  • Two visits for students, a morning and afternoon, to Shaftesbury High School prior to High School Day. During the visits, new students will have opportunity to see Year 7 classrooms, attend assembly and get to know the school and staff.

  • Some students may require individually tailored programs for transition. This is arranged on an individual need.

  • Annual reviews of Looked After Children and students with complex needs are attend where necessary.

  • High School Day, in July, where incoming Year 7 students spend a full day at Shaftesbury and participate in a number of activities.

  • Parents invited to meet with Senior Leadership Team prior to students starting.

  • Information on incoming students is transferred electronically, wherever possible through SIMS transfer files. In addition pen portrait information is gathered by Year 7 tutors and this information is then shared with all staff at the beginning of the new school year.

  • Transition booklets are available on school website for parents and students to download at any time.



Class Dojo Guide For Families

  • Class Dojo is the platform that we use in year 7 and the rest of the school to connect the school staff, students and families through communication features, such as a feed for photos and videos from the school day.

                                                        Link To class Dojo  


  • Here is a short video to support families login into Class Dojo. Please follow these simple steps to join our school community. If you still have need some more help consult the Class Dojo helpdesk or ask your child's teacher.




Google Classroom and How To Use It

  • This short presentation will show you the simple steps to know how to use Google Classroom.