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We hope you are well and looking forward to returning to College or work, if you have been affected by lockdown.

Here are some more places you can find help.



Search for courses and training online and get advice on qualifications and funding from:


You can find free courses to help develop your digital and numeracy skills for work on ‘The Skills Toolkit’.

Courses range from beginner to advanced level. You can learn how to:

  • use computers and online tools confidently
  • stay safe online (cyber security)
  • write computer programs using code

More help finding training or apprenticeships

 You can also get help with:

Help with learning costs

 There are different types of funding:


HCUC Apprenticeships & Skills


Find the right apprenticeship subject that will kick-start your future.


The apprenticeships are focused on the core skill sets that are in high demand in the industry.


The programmes are designed to help the learner start or progress in their professional career.


Here is the link to register:- 


 Activities For Home

Below are links for the Resilience activities please feel free to use them.

 - Balancing your pressures with safe spaces

 - Support networks and empathy

 - Hobbies and interests - finding your fit

 - Applying flexibility, perseverance and problem solving

There are also 'Alumni Answer' videos sharing the advice of former students from Future First schools across the UK, focusing on different aspects of resilience and tackling the challenges students are currently facing. Each video has an activity and worksheet which can be completed at home.