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Dear Alumni of Shaftesbury

We hope you are all safe and well and managing to keep yourself occupied during this unfortunate lockdown. Do keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

The Careers and Enterprise Company  have developed a series of career talks connecting young people with stories from slightly older peers who have recently made a transition into the workplace from education. Although you may still be in College or have only recently left school, we would like to share these video clips with you.

The young people speaking come to you from a diverse range of voices - apprentices, trainees and graduates from different backgrounds and ways of life, reflecting the variety of young people you will meet in the workplace,

First off, meet Bejay, Mia and Callum


Bejay is a 24 year old Entrepreneur from East London. His career story started at just 14 years of age by starting a lemonade stand in his school playground.

 Mia is an 18 year old Campaign Planner at HomeServe in Walsall. She spent her whole life wanting a career in musical theatre, but changed her mind in Year 13. She tells us how she resisted the automatic option to go to university by trying out  work experience – a decision which has changed her career for the better. 

Callum is a 21 year old Claims Handler at Aviva in Norwich. Despite struggling with lessons at school, Callum shares his insight about how his love of people and socialising led him to a brilliant career.

Bejay, Mia and Callum are telling you their own story – and with that, we hope that these stories will  inspire and reassure young people like you about the world of work.


If you are happy and would like to share your story with the CEC and on social media, they would love to hear from you.

Tell them about the inspirations, influences and information that have shaped the choices they have made along your career pathway to date.

This can be done by posting a short video (no more than two minutes) on social media and tagging #CECWorkIt. or send a clip to us at school and we will just post on the Shaftesbury Alumni website. 



 Activities For Home


Below are links for the Resilience activities please feel free to use them.

 - Balancing your pressures with safe spaces

 - Support networks and empathy

 - Hobbies and interests - finding your fit

 - Applying flexibility, perseverance and problem solving

There are also 'Alumni Answer' videos sharing the advice of former students from Future First schools across the UK, focusing on different aspects of resilience and tackling the challenges students are currently facing. Each video has an activity and worksheet which can be completed at home.