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Shaftesbury's Vision, Values and MISSION STATEMENT

Shaftesbury’s Vision is ‘to build just, collaborative and accessible communities, carving pathways into them’.


The ‘just’ begins by stakeholders valuing the morals ‘Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Resilient, Be Responsible, Grow’ as their own.


The ‘accessible’ means that from the day that students start, they begin their transition beyond school. That they see young people who are or were at the school in community roles that exceed expectations and hold high social value. Seeing these agents of change builds belief that they too can grow to face the challenges of a 21st century society and actively support the positive growth of its culture and climate.


To do so, Shaftesbury looks to expand on how it already ‘collaboratively’ hosts, learns, and reaches out and supports its local and global communities to provide empowering and ‘accessible’ environments to facilitate positive lifelong learners and meaningful learning, with the ‘how’ being research based and then evidencing the high-quality outcomes achieved both during and beyond school.


Shaftesbury’s knows that by growing its learners, learning and local and global communities, in return our learners benefit from a broader, stronger network. The collaborative network is part of how we look to ‘carve pathways’ into our communities- seeking to overcome the evidenced lack of options for our students beyond college and design new pathways into employment and social belonging.


We gauge the success of our school, curriculum and pedagogy by the number of stakeholders who succeed in finding their path and continue to give back to their communities, thus furthering their fulfilment through belonging, self-value and continual growth.


Our Strategy: How do we get there?


The first aim of the Shaftesbury student’s experience is for them to experience fulfilment whilst following their personalised pathway to reach both academic and personal goals they and those supporting them have set around their strengths. We seek to consider the learner, their learning and their environment as the components that shape the experience. We look to design each component to best equip each unique stakeholder with the skills, intelligences and processes of learning so all have the empowerment to grow and find meaning in voice, actions and choices.


Achieving this is based around the essential role of all stakeholders continuing to grow their competence and share their environment and learning, each achieving meaningful, high quality outcomes and a sense of purpose. We look for all to build a growth mind and body-set, promoting autonomy in structures that hold each other to account, measuring our success against ambitious and relevant achievements.


Supporting this requires all to consistently focus on the key components of wellbeing and empowerment in a broad and diverse positive culture where rights are respected so all are ready for challenging learning. These components are justified and continue to be academically researched through the fields such as Positive Psychology, Body-Mind Set and Self-Determinism.

 In order to drive this into reality, Shaftesbury promotes its stakeholders to identify real issues of our local and global communities and share their success of solving them, whilst growing its network by collaboratively leading improvement and development of SEND provision.

“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” â€• Viktor E. FranklMan's Search for Meaning

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